Rental, SB 1 Day, $30 Thursday SB Rental

$30 Pricing for Snowboards Rentals is is only available online purchase price on site is $45. If you are booking within the 2 day window, Rentals are available:
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$30 Thursday

$30 Thursday's are available online during January and February and must be purchased 2 days in advance. The window price will be $95 (Ages 15-74) and $70 (Ages 6-14). 5& under and 75+ are under Season passes and are $10. If you are booking within the 2 day window, Day passes are still available: passes

Rental, Ski 1 Day, $30 Thursday Ski Rental

$30 Thursday Ski Rental are only available online at least 2 days in advance, purchases onsite are $45. If you are trying to purchase within the 2 day window, Rental are available:

Ages (15-74) Day Pass

Day Passes are reloadable to your Cooper card after 1st purchase. Replacement cards are $25.00.

1 Day 15+ Snowboard Package

Snowboard Package includes Boots & Snowboard only. Helmets are an additional item.